Scope of the Application

GWASpi is currently able to perform following operations within the class of Genome Wide Association Studies:

  1. Import of most common commercial and standard formats (see File Formats)
  2. Basic quality controls such as Sample and Marker missingness, heterozygosity as well as Hardy-Weinberg tests
  3. Allelic Association tests on Case/Control data
  4. Genotipic Association tests on Case/Control data
  5. Trend tests (Cochran-Armitage) on Case/Control data
  6. QQ-plots of above mentioned analysis
  7. Manhattan-plots of above mentioned analysis
  8. Reports and tables of above mentioned analysis and quality controls
  9. Integration of queries to several biological databases
  10. Data merging, extraction and export to PLINK, MACH, Beagle and Eigensoft’s SmartPCA input, as well as GWASpi format and tabulated CSV

Further formats, QC and analysis features are being considered for future releases. Please contact us at gwaspi at upf dot edu for requests.

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