Study Management

This screen allows you to create new Studies.

Studies help you to group and organize your genotype data in practical ways, keeping them stored at hand for easy retrieval. New Studies will become available under the GWASpi Explorer Tree (1) and under the Studies table (2) after creation.

Add a Study name and description in the details area (3). After creation, you may start loading your Genotype data inside the new Study.

Report files, charts and Genotype matrices will be stored in separated folders, named after the here allocated StudyID. E.g. the “Chron’s Disease Study” will store it’s reports and charts under the folder “reports/STUDY_25/”

Deleting a Study here will delete all the matrices that were loaded and generated under it. This action will prompt you if you want to also delete the generated report files. After deletion, if you see fit, you may want to manually check and/or delete the “STUDY_#” folders under “genotypes” and “reports”.