Current Study

The Current Study screen holds the Operations that can be launched at Study level, such as “Load Genotype Data”, “Update Sample Info” and “Save Description”. Whenever you select a Study object in the GWASpi Explorer Tree (1), this screen will show.

You will see a description text area (2) which holds some information realted to the study.
You can edit this description and append whatever information you see fit, with a limit of 2000 characters.

New Operations on the Study can be launched from (3). You will be guided on what to do next after choosing “Load Genotype Data” and “Update Sample Info”.

The Matrices List (4) displays the matrices that have allready been loaded in that Study.

The Matrix list has following columns:

  • The first column of the List shows the Matrix ID, which will be used when creating text reports of the given Matrix.
  • The second column holds the short name of the Matrix.
  • The third column shows a short description of the Matrix and the number of Markers and Samples it hold.

When loading genotype data, GWASpi automatically inserts the Samples in the current Study’s database. You can visualize the allready loaded Samples in the Sample Info node in the GWASpi tree (1).

Note: Any Sample Update, be it through the “Update Sample Info” Operation or through the loading of genotype data that contains info pertaining to previously loaded Samples will update the data available in the Sample Info Database! In other words, the Sample Info Database is common to all matrices under a Study and as such, is shared and updated globally!