Translate Matrix

In this section you will see the transformations that you may apply to the selected Matrix (1).
The top third of the screen (2) shows the details of the selected Matrix. Any transformations will be applied on a copy of the original Matrix. This means the original Matrix will be preserved unaltered and a new Matrix will be created under the same Study.

In the middle section (3), you should insert the name and details of the future transformed Matrix, as it will appear in the GWASpi Explorer tree (1). The “Description” area holds up to 2000 characters of text and will automatically be added some info by GWASpi as, for example, the new genotype encoding, numbers of Markers and Samples, the original Matrix that contains the data used to create the new transformed Matrix, etc.

The transformations panel (4) lists a number of Operations that you may launch on your Matrix’s data.
Not every Operation is possible, as it depends on the data available and the encoding it has.