Analise Matrix Data

The Analise Data screen will guide you into the Operations that can be performed on your Matrix or parent Operation (1). For example, in the Case of Genotype frequencies, you will be able to perform a series of Allelic Association test with different Hardy-Weinberg cutoff thresholds.

The screen has a description text area (2) which holds some information realted to the Matrix or Operation you have chosen on the GWASpi Explorer Tree (1).

The Operations List (3) displays the operations and analysis that have allready been performed on the data. When loading genotype data, GWASpi automatically performs a series of Quality Assurance operations that will show in this list as well as the GWASpi Explorer Tree (1).
Similarly, after performing a Genotype Frequency count, GWASpi automatically calculates a Hardy-Weinberg test.

  • The first column of the List shows the Operation ID, which will be used when creating text reports of the given Operation.
  • The second column holds the short name of the Operation.
  • The third column shows a short description of the Operation and the number of Markers and Samples it has been applied to (number may be less than loaded in the Matrix originally, depending on QA thresholds). Depending on the Operation, the thresholds that have been applied as filter values will be stated here as well.
  • The last column display the creation date of this analysis.

The “New Operation” block (4) lists the Operations that you may launch on the loaded Matrix. Some of these Operations can be launched repeatedly, as the parameters they are launched with can differ.

Note: After updating the Sample Info, any newly launched Operation will be done with the new Sample data! Older Operations and reports will NOT be recalculated.