Sample Info

This screen will display the Sample Info as currently saved in the Study’s Sample Database.

Selecting the Sample Info Report node in the tree (1) will display this screen.

The columns dispayed are:

  • Order ID – Note: This is the order the Samples have been saved in the Database.
  • Family ID
  • Sample ID
  • Father ID
  • Mother ID
  • Sex
  • Affection – Note: this is the Case/Control info that will be used for default Hardy-Weinberg and Allelic Association tests. You can override this Affection by providing alternate phenotype files at the specified Operation.
  • Age
  • Category
  • Disease
  • Population

Every one of these columns except the first can be used for the extraction of data to a new Matrix.

Clicking on the “Save” Button (2) will allow you to save the current report view to a file.